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Affordable Communication Equipment

Stay on the cutting edge of communication equipment and technology with help from Piedmont Communications Company, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. Our equipment is both reliable and affordable.


Make sure that you are unfailingly updated on your business' needs with help from our equipment and services. We sell various types of two-way radio systems for all industry types, such as manufacturers, hotels, hospitals, fleets, public safety organizations, and utility repair services like electricians and plumbers.


We do upfits for both private and public sectors, and since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we pick up and deliver equipment at your convenience. Additionally, our team provides product demos with on-site use of the product you are thinking of buying. Furthermore, to ensure that you are absolutely happy, we loan these products out to
ensure that they meet all of your industry's needs before you actually purchase them.

Charger with Blue Lights - Communication Equipment


At Piedmont Communications, we understand that not everyone is entirely tech-savvy, so we provide sales, support, and programming for free, which
includes future programming as well. Any repairs and maintenance can be done at our site, and we keep an inventory of all supplies needed for maintenance
and repairs.


Our excellent customer service in unmatched in the industry, and we provide one-on-one support for our customers. We are flexible and accommodating, and we offer layout and design services for customer convenience. In addition, our staff goes through detailed explanations of how everything is laid out to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting when you request our services or products.

 Contact us at (888) 984-1232 and stay connected with your business quickly and efficiently with help from our communication equipment.